Our sound machines are especially useful for:

SNORING – There is no shame in snoring. It happens. But if your snoring keeps your spouse awake, try one of our devices. It’s cheap and noninvasive, nothing to wear on your face or ingest. Thousands of people swear it has saved their marriages.

LOUD ENVIRONMENTS – Sleep will not come easily amidst noises from the street, construction sounds, crying kids, music-loving neighbors, or the late-night television watcher next to you. If you don’t live in a serene country cottage, and sometimes, even if you do, you may want to consider getting a sound machine.

INFANTS – Our white noise helps children sleep like babies (only better!) at nighttime or naptime. Using a sound machine helps to establish a sleepy-time ritual and provides a consistent sound environment that is especially soothing to infants, but also for adults. We have many “Marpac families” with sound machines in every bedroom!

STUDENTS – Get more “A”s from more ZZZZZs… and better studying, too. Is the person next door is too noisy? Is your room is too quiet? Does your roommate snore like a gorilla? Our machines help students focus by providing a consistent audio backdrop even on loud campuses. Stressed students need sleep. We bring it.

TRAVELERS – It’s not easy sleeping when you’re out of town. Take along the Rohm, our most portable sound machine, and create a sleepy home away from home. No more hearing people in the hotel hallway or listening to the elevators all night. No tossing and turning in an unfamiliar bed. A good night’s sleep is worth the space in your suitcase.

OFFICES – If you work in an office, especially in a cubicle, you know how distracting office chatter can be. Sound machines help keep conversations more “private” – especially important in doctors’ and therapists’ offices – and have the added benefit of enhancing concentration, too!

SHIFT WORK – If you need to sleep while the rest of the world is awake, a sound machine is for you. Control your sleep schedule, your sound environment, your job stress, and your sanity.

TINNITUS – If you suffer from tinnitus, our sound machines may offer some relief. The ability to manipulate the tone of the sound emitted by the sound conditioner to match the tone in your ringing ears is part of what makes our devices so effective. Many of our competitors’ machines are not up to the tinnitus task. Ours gets a ringing endorsement.