We know that moms love our sound machines, because they say so. (And we listen to our mothers!)

They love that the Dohm:

  • Soothes their children to sleep (and helps keep them there!).
  • Helps prevent members of the household from waking each other up, and makes disturbing noises outside the house less likely to disrupt sleep.
  • Lets moms carry on “normal” activities without tiptoeing around,worrying about waking the baby.
  • Is natural and organic — no digital loops or recordings; doesn’t create cold wind like fans or take up as much space as a humidifier (other sources of white noise).
  • Can travel to Grandma’s house (or anywhere else, for that matter), making a sound sleep environment and consistent sleepy-time routine completely portable.
  • Does not interfere with baby monitors , giving moms the security that their little ones are safe and sound.
  • Is a quality-made product assembled in the USA.


While Dohm is beloved by generations, our newer product Hushh is fast becoming another family favorite, taking portability and convenience to a whole new level. It’s USB-rechargeable, with three sound options and an impressive volume range.

Whichever you prefer, Marpac sound machines are like a lullaby for the whole family.