What is the best decibel setting for my infant/child

For all users, we recommend placing the machine at least three feet away from the sleeper’s head. This is mostly to allow the sound to fill the room for the best possible sound masking, but it also serves to ensure that the sound will not be too loud. At a distance of 6.5 ft, we measure the dB level of the Dohm’s loudest setting at 52.5 dB and of our lowest setting at 41.5 dBA. For comparison sake, know that a quiet whisper measures 40 dB and rainfall measures 50dB.

Do you have products for commercial use?

Our sound machines are very helpful in many “commercial” applications, including healthcare, hospitality, and office privacy situations. The Dohm and other Marpac products can block sound for privacy as well as for improved focus and concentration.

Hotels: Adding a Marpac device to a guest room is proven to increase guest satisfaction with the property. Multiple studies indicate that noise accounts for 76% of sleep disruption for guests. The Dohm is extremely efficient and simple to use. Please contact us to learn more; we’d be happy to discuss best practices and share specific success stories from within the hospitality industry.

Hospitals and Medical Offices: Using white noise in a patient care environment is an excellent way to raise patient satisfaction scores! Typically, these projects come with specialized requirements, so get in touch and we will gladly review product suggestions and best practices with you.

Office Privacy: Our machines are small, portable devices that can cover up to about 300 square feet each, or one for about every four to six work stations. We are best suited for an office environment with smaller noise control situations or to help individual employees.

If you think Marpac might be just what your commercial space needs, please contact us at for a formalized quote or for more information.

Where should I place the product?

Sound machines are most effective when placed between yourself and the greatest source of noise. This may mean that instead of simply placing the unit on the bedside table, it is more beneficial to put it beneath a window to block traffic sounds, near an interior door to mask television or voices from another room, or up against a thin wall to minimize the sounds of noisy neighbors, to give a few common examples. You’ll also want to try adjusting the volume of the sound machine in these different locations. With a little fine-tuning, you’ll soon have the ideal noise-masking setup for your personal sound environment.

Who needs a sound machine?

Sound machines help with sleep, privacy, relaxation, and concentration. They can:

  • help people of all ages fall asleep and stay asleep
  • provide focus and concentration in office or school settings
  • protect privacy and confidentiality in doctors’ and therapists’ offices
  • provide relief to those with tinnitus
  • mask the sound of snoring sleepers or other in-home activity
  • block noises from outside which might disturb or distract
  • help travelers sleep better in unfamiliar (and often noisy) environments

My sound machine smells funny.

Our sound machines are made of ABS plastic, which has been deemed perfectly safe for consumer use. The smell you are experiencing is due to the newness of the machine, and it is typically gone in about a week. (You may experience it with our machines because they are built in the US, so they are relatively “newer” than products built overseas.)

We suggest letting your machine run in an open-air environment (such as a garage or a room with an open window). Opening the vents to full capacity and setting the unit on high will help speed up the process of eliminating the smell.

Our products have been in use for over 50 years, including in the rooms of all of our own children, and we firmly believe in the safety of our products. We only want what is best for our customers and their families. If the smell bothers you too much or does not go away, we will certainly exchange the product for you – just contact our customer service team and we’d be happy to help.

Can you send me a replacement part?

Due to liability issues we cannot send replacement parts.

Can I clean my machine?

Sure. Here’s what we recommend: simply wipe the exterior with a damp cloth. You can use Q-tip and rubbing alcohol to clean the vent openings. In order to clean the inside of the unit, use a vacuum hose and proceed to each opening suctioning out any dust inside the unit.

Due to liability issues, we do not recommend opening up your Dohm for cleaning.

My sound machine is making unpleasant sounds. Now What?

If you like, you may try cleaning your machine. Over time, dust can build up on the motor inside, causing the sound to change.